Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Autumn Stroll in the City

November 7, 2015

In Riverside Park on Manhattan's upper west side
On Saturday, the weather was overcast and cool, but we had decided in advance to check out the last gasp of fall color in Riverside Park.  The park, which hugs the Hudson River as it runs up the far west side of upper Manhattan has an impressive array of deciduous trees lining its pleasant walkways.  A collection of winding paths and wide, flat promenades (which are unfortunately but understandably popular with the under-ten cycling and scooter set) makes for a satisfying stroll.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Leaf Peeping in Central Park

October 31, 2015

The NYC Marathon's 25-Mile mark, located in Central Park
The leaves have finally started to turn here in New York City and Mother Nature's been going gangbusters this past week.  With all of our friends out of town and no Halloween plans or parties to prepare for, Scott and I spent a quiet afternoon the day before the famed NYC Marathon admiring the changing foliage in Central Park.  It was a mostly overcast day with temperatures in the low- to mid-50s - a bit chilly for us - but it seemed fitting weather for Halloween afternoon and the vibrant yellow, orange and red colored leaves popped in the soft grey light. Here is some of what we saw.

The whimsical clock at the Central Park Zoo was striking the hour as we were passing by, so we stopped to watch as the anthropomorphic animals made their rotations around the tower
Central Park Zoo
The colored leaves were mostly yellow in the lower section of the park
Entering the Mall
A pop of orange
The Mall
Some lucky bridal couple will have this gorgeous specimen in their wedding photos
A stunning tree for a stunning bride

One of Central Park's numerous picturesque bridges, made even more so with a backdrop of autumn color
The view from the bridge
Even in the gloomy chill there were lots of rowboats on the lake
In the Ramble, New York City's hiking trail and one of my favorite parts of Central Park
We stopped off at the Wheeltapper on the way home, having worked up quite a thirst with all that leaf peeping!
Guinness reflections