Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ahoy! Land Ho!

December 12, 2017
Santa Rosa, CA

Offer declined. After months of research and negotiation, our attempt to buy a nearly eight-acre parcel of land just west of Santa Rosa was not accepted. For now... At this point we wait six months and try again.

The Backstory 
Eight acres of land, you say? Well, back at the end of October, I (Scott) got myself a new bicycle, and immediately set off to ride the lovely wine and ag country to the west of Santa Rosa in the Russian River appellation. I had been looking at land in Sonoma County online, and on which we could someday build a home, for the better part of a decade. So while riding the back roads of SoCo, I am of course always scouting, looking for that elusive piece of land that has just the right assets - country feel, nearby vineyards (preferably within view), buildable terrain, proximity to town, and, most challengingly, a price tag within reach of our meager budget.