Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tales from a Wine Country Homestead: More Blackberries

August 12, 2018
Santa Rosa, CA

New Millennium Homesteaders 
Not one to be deterred by such a trifling thing as poison oak, Scott was itching (no pun intended) to get back at it and pick more blackberries on the property while they are in season.  On our last visit a couple of weeks ago, Scott had estimated that a significant quantity of berries would be ripe for the picking right about now and he wasn't wrong.  This time, we brought our friend Debbie with us to join in the fun.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tales from a Wine Country Homestead: Touring a Bluhomes Breezehouse (Again)

August 4, 2018
Alameda, CA

The Bluhomes Breezehouse
Our favorite modern factory-built homes company, Bluhomes, held an open-house at their model home in Alameda today.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been following them for the past decade, having toured their homes in the past, and we really love the aesthetic, quality and design features of their homes.  So we went to check out their Breezehouse model.  They have updated the design of this particular plan this year so the model does not have the same floorplan as what they are currently offering, but the basic design with the large decking on front and back is the same and it is still the home we really want. But, sadly for us, it seems unlikely that we can fit it into our budget.  Today, at least we managed to take some photos.