Friday, August 15, 2014

Caroline's 24-Hour Selfie-tastic RomCom Movie Montage Trip to Grand Haven

August 12 - 13, 2014
Grand Haven, MI

During my almost two-week (mostly solo) trip to the Detroit area to visit family this summer, I decided to give my mom and stepdad a break from my frequently larger-than-life presence in their house.  So in the middle of my visit, I embarked upon an overnight adventure to my hometown of Grand Haven, located on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, to enjoy the local state park/beach and various other old haunts from my youth.  

Although the weather was a bit chilly, feeling more like late September than mid-August, I enjoyed my 24 hours in Grand Haven as much as I anticipated and loved being able to confirm that my hometown is just as magical now as it always was!

At my favorite section of the beach at the south end of Harbor Drive just before it ends
As I was alone, I had ample opportunity to practice my (poor-but-improving) selfie skills and had a great time doing it!  After the fact, I also came to the realization that my brief visit resembled a 1980s romantic comedy movie montage where we see the main characters having carefree fun on romantic dates (and presumably falling in love), set to (cheesy) music.  Only I was alone. Taking selfies of my date with myself.  Judge me if you must. 

First stop: Pronto Pup stand!
Need a read?
I love, love, love that my beloved hometown has installed at a least a couple of these take-a-book-leave-a-book boxes around town.  This one is located near the marina/Chinook Pier.

Grand Haven South Pier

What would a visit to Grand Haven be without a walk on the pier?!
View of the Grand Haven State Park shoreline from the pier

It was chilly enough that I didn't quite feel inspired to take off my shoes and walk in the sand, but it was still as pretty as ever.
Grand Haven Boardwalk, along the Channel

Of course I walked on the boardwalk on my self-date!!  Unfortunately, my selfie really didn't turn out. :-(
At Kirby Bar & Grill downtown
I was feeling a little sad over a missed connection with an old friend.  

Warning: objects in a selfie appear much larger than they actually are.
So i figured I'd have a drink at the bar. At least they had sauvignon blanc (two to choose from !), my favorite summertime white.  This is more than I can say for most bars and restaurants in Michigan.  Sorry Michigan, but it seems that sixteen years in California has turned me into a wine snob!

The lights of the pier at dusk
After I finished my wine in a most solitary fashion, I strolled down the sidewalk fronting the beach and watched the tail-end of the sunset.  I was on a romantic date with myself, after all!

You can never be too safe!
Back in my room at the Beacon Inn Best Western, which has been the Beacon Inn for as long as I can remember, I found my TV remote control thoughtfully encased in a fresh hygiene cover.  It seemed appropriately fitting, as I was alone...well, except that I'm not a guy...

Breakfast at Morning Start Cafe
Just one last stop before hitting the road for the trip back to Detroit.  The flavor-of-the day coffee was Michigan Cherry, which I enjoyed.  

Local sugar at Morning Star Cafe
Who knew that Michigan makes sugar? 

The Beamont at Morning Star
While I will forever mourn the fact that they took my favorite crab Benedict off the menu (many years ago, now), the Beaumont Benedict, made with thick-cut turkey, avocado and bacon was a satisfying (albeit difficult to eat) substitute.

One last selfie for the road!  Until next time Grand Haven.  I may reside happily in a distant state, but you'll always be home!

I have but one regret of my fast but fun trip to Grand Haven; I failed to get a selfie with my giant (single scoop!) Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream cone in front of the musical fountain.  It would have been, without a doubt, the pinnacle of my movie montage selfie date!  Next time!!

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