Friday, May 1, 2015

A Quick Trip to the Midwest for Some Niece and Nephew Bonding Time

April 29, 2015
Lake Orion, MI

Scott had a work conference in Scottsdale at the end of April so I decided to use the opportunity to go to Michigan to visit my sister, Jen, and her kids in Lake Orion.  Now that we are just a short plane trip away, it is so easy to hop on a (relatively) inexpensive Spirit Airlines flight to Detroit.  Although I have not been a fan of the discount carrier in the past, my flight was surprisingly pleasant for the brief hour-and-forty-five minute flight.  I might have to do this again soon...

Family Selfie!

Before going to Jen's my mom prepared a really nice lunch and thoughtfully invited my in-laws, Jerry and Denise over to dine with us so we could all catch up.  During my short visit with Jen, Christopher and Kate, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary other than touring my sister and her husband, Ivan's new house that they will be moving into in May.  But I really enjoyed experiencing their day-to-day routine and being able to help out a little while Ivan was away on a business trip to Italy.  It was a really good way to get to know the kids better, and inexplicably, I seemed to have a vaguely positive effect on their behavior.  Go figure!  And as a bonus, Jen and I even got more relaxed catching up time than we have had in years!

Visiting Jen & Ivan's beautiful new house in Clarkston
Even though they haven't yet closed on the house, Jen's realtor kindly met us there and let us in 
The spacious kitchen with two sinks plus a wet bar gave me some pretty serious entertaining envy!
The fabulous double-sided fireplace also opens into the media room on the other side

An impromptu visit to the library during a prospective-buyer showing at Jen's house

Silliness at Kroger (how could I resist??)

Kroger Cutie!

Bribery trip to Toys R Us before tutoring ;-)

Ladies' lunch at Applebees during Christopher's tutoring session

Kate enjoyed playing with her new Legos at Applebees

 Christopher shows some aptitude for judo and really enjoys it

 Christopher and his sensei at judo class

More Lego time (Mommy did a great job following the instructions!)

 Typical snapshot moment of my trip. Yes, we spent a lot of time in the car!

Farewell photo before a solo lunch with my mom at one of  my old favorites, the Moose Preserve, before heading to the airport

Mother-daughters selfie!

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