Thursday, March 15, 2018

An Early-Spring San Francisco City Jaunt

March 10, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Relaxing at our favorite North Beach cafe, Caffe Greco
Last Saturday, we happily realized that we had nothing of import to attend to around the house (an amazing benefit of being child-free apartment dwellers!), so we decided to make a trek into the city for the afternoon and evening.  If you actually know us, you know that we've moved around over the years. A lot.  I don’t typically think of San Francisco as home. I mean, we haven't lived in the city proper in well over a decade and left our most recent California residence in Oakland over three years ago.  But on our most recent expedition into the city from our new hometown in the heart of California’s wine country, it suddenly dawned on me; Scott and I have spent more of our married life together in the Bay Area than anywhere we've ever lived!  

Walking around the city last Saturday, I was simply overwhelmed by all of the memories that were coming flooding back, memories of all of my old office jobs, both temporary and permanent (and there were many!); old hangouts; former work friends and of course the many, many places which I will always associate with Scott, my husband of 20 years this August!  The memories just kept surfacing, on nearly each and every block we traversed.  And then it dawned on me that San Francisco is still, in many ways, home.

A moody view of the Bay Bridge. The day was threatening rain off and on.  Just the way I remember San Francisco.
Cupid's Span, a favorite piece of public art, is located on the Embardadero right across the street from the Google offices where I used to work
At the Ferry Building. I thought I loved meat as much as the next guy, but meat cones??? That's just weird! (And no, Scott did not insist on buying one. LOL)
When the storefront oyster seller at the Ferry Building gives you each 2 for the price of 1 because he deems them "too small"...and then comes over to your table to show you what they SHOULD look like...and then just gives you a pair of the proper sized ones for FREE!!! Total score!
Al fresco drinks at Pier 23 Cafe and Bar on the Embarcadero
Low-brow drinks with a classy guy at Pier 23 Cafe and Bar
Enjoying the view at Pier 23 Cafe and Bar on the Embarcadero
Al fresco drinks at Pier 23 Cafe and Bar on the Embarcadero
Climbing the Greenwich Steps.  I'm a bit surprised Scott managed to catch me smiling on the steeeeep climb!

There's ALWAYS time to stop and smell the roses!
The gardens belonging to the homes along the Greenwich Steps were in gorgeous bloom!
Stunning, flowering tree on the Greenwich Steps, with Coit Tower in the background
Almost at the top!
View from Coit Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in clouds
Worst Coit Tower selfie ever! LOL
View from Coit Tower of the city at day's end
"Pardee Hardee" Scott
Afternoon cappuccinos at our favorite sidewalk cafe in North Beach.  We've been coming here since the days when we actually lived IN San Francisco!
Cappuccinos for two. We also used to enjoy stopping at the Stella Bakery across the street back when I was still on the gluten train
Drinks and dinner beneath the heat lamp at Jones with Oakland friend, Jen
It's hookah time!
Hot hookah action in the Tenderloin. Scott's a real pro.
We became fond of hookah during our few days in Istanbul last summer and decided to try out the scene in SF. 

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