Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tales from a Wine Country Homestead: Touring a Bluhomes Breezehouse (Again)

August 4, 2018
Alameda, CA

The Bluhomes Breezehouse
Our favorite modern factory-built homes company, Bluhomes, held an open-house at their model home in Alameda today.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been following them for the past decade, having toured their homes in the past, and we really love the aesthetic, quality and design features of their homes.  So we went to check out their Breezehouse model.  They have updated the design of this particular plan this year so the model does not have the same floorplan as what they are currently offering, but the basic design with the large decking on front and back is the same and it is still the home we really want. But, sadly for us, it seems unlikely that we can fit it into our budget.  Today, at least we managed to take some photos.

The front deck is obscured by the landscaping for privacy so it difficult to see, but the middle section of the home is set back and opens up to the deck with oversized accordion glass doors, creating a large outdoor living space.  This design is echoed on the rear of the home as well.
The den/bonus room has its own door opening onto the front deck
The main living space has high ceilings and oversized window-walls that open onto the deck in both front and back, admitting lots of light and creating an indoor-outdoor living experience

I love the transom windows admitting lots of natural light in this bathroom
We don't love the long hallway inside the master bedroom but the room itself is in a rear corner of the house for privacy and opens onto the back deck

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