Monday, September 3, 2018

Tales from a Wine Country Homestead: Things Spotted, Some Better Than Others

September 3, 2018
Santa Rosa, CA

Scott made a visit to the property today, Labor Day, upon our return from our overnight jaunt up to Redwood National Park over the weekend.  He wanted to take a closer look at the grapevines growing there and perhaps harvest a few of the season's remaining blackberries.  Some of the things he saw were more pleasant than others...

Gorgeous grapes, straight from Brooks Vineyard ;-)

The grapevines seem to be multiplying exponentially before our very eyes, and sporting some beautifully plump green and purple grapes.

Without stakes and supports, this is how grape vines grow, apparently. Close to the ground and spreading like wildfire.  City Slicker Learning #26
So. Many. Vines
The fruit is lush and mouthwatering in appearance, but less tasty in actuality, right off the vine - lots of seeds and little flesh in each grape.  Scott loves them, but I'll take mine in wine form, thank you very much!   
But all those seeds may explain why we have so many grapes vines on our property!
A bit less exciting was the queen mattress and box spring that had been left on our property, just off the road.

Womp womp. Thanks a lot, neighbor.
Discarded trash as art?
"In addition to discovering we actually have lots of wild grapevines growing all over our property, we also realized that the soil here is perfect for growing mattress sets. Starting off with a queen pillowtop, next year I'd like to get some king posturepedic seeds."
                                                                                                          -Homesteader Scott

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