Saturday, December 25, 2021

2021 Holiday Card Fail

December 25, 2021
Oakland, CA

This year's holiday card theme was supposed to be all about how the supply chain will ruin Christmas... without our intervention. 

We hunted for our location the week before, and found a nice spot in Alameda right across from the Oakland Port. Pretty background, with the mile high stacks of containers and cranes and ships making for a good background. 

On photo day, we donned our safety vests and set to carry packages to/from the port, only to find our location was gated off! We drove around to find a new location, but everywhere we went were barbed-wire fences or long distances between us and our freighter backgrounds. There were a few other ideas kicked around, but we were getting short on patience and abandoned the project. Someone else will have to save Christmas this year.

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