Monday, February 2, 2015

We're Moving to NYC!

February 2, 2015
Oakland, CA

A week ago today, we arrived back home in Oakland from an intense apartment-hunting weekend in NYC.  We had the assistance of a broker, compliments of Scott's Nestle relocation package, which was both a blessing and, at times, an extreme curse.  But after looking at almost twenty apartments in the space of two days (all in Manhattan), we chose one in the centrally-located, quiet Murray Hill neighborhood right in Midtown and just a ten-minute walk to Scott's new office!

Our new NYC living room!

Our new apartment, located on the corner of E. 39th St and 2nd Ave, is a one bedroom, one bath consisting of 739 square feet of reasonably well-designed space (including decent closets!) on the 7th floor of a newer east Midtown high-rise building.  The building has a spacious and pleasant lobby (I want to steal the comfy chairs and cool wood sculpture - I'll need to get a pic when we get there!) and includes amenities such as a concierge/doorman, onsite gym, onsite storage cages, a bike storage room, and a furnished rooftop deck and adjoining event space (much of which we will probably not put to use).  While Scott is eager to try out the NYC wash-and-fold experience, I am very pleased to be residing in one of the very few buildings in the city with in-unit washer/dryers in every unit.  

We have already gotten rid of approximately half of our belongings and the kitchen, in particular (take-out!), will call for a lifestyle different than the one we're accustomed to but we are very excited to be embarking on our NYC adventure!

Our new miniature kitchen has all newer, full-size, stainless steel appliances
These two photos show the entire kitchen.  Note the two swatches of countertop, one on each side. That's it. For real.
The back story (because Caroline always has a back story): 
This past august, as Scott entered his third year back at Nestle Dreyer's, we had been hoping for word of an appropriate (i.e., not-Africa, not-China, not-Middle East) international assignment with the company.  Unfortunately, it simply wasn't materializing in the time frame we desired and Scott had started to think of moving on, perhaps even moving north of the Bay in a step toward realizing our dream (well, one of them) of California wine country living.  And then, lo and behold, an opportunity with Nespresso (a Nestle company) became available.  In NYC.

Scott began the interviewing process in November of last year and received an offer in mid-December, just days before we were scheduled to leave to spend a week on Kauai.  We'd both been feeling ready to make a change.  When the offer came in, there was no question of whether we would take it.  We were moving to NYC!!!

It's been a whirlwind of activity in the weeks since returning from Christmas in Hawaii.  In mid-January I spent a long weekend in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, celebrating a good friend's 40th birthday with nine other women at an all-inclusive resort and then days after my return home, Scott and I boarded a red-eye flight to New York to search for an apartment.  Our relocation broker, a native New Yorker from the Bronx named Evette who has an opinion on absolutely everything, was a force to be reckoned with, but we got the job done, and in record time, at that.

Moving day is Wednesday, February 11 and is fast approaching!  Our lease officially began on February 1st but upon our arrival we will be in a hotel for the first week or so while we wait for the truck to arrive with our household belongings.  We are so excited to soon be calling Manhattan 'home!'

More photos:
In our new living room: happy and relieved that the search is over!
The main hallway leading from the entry to the living room. Bathroom door on left. Bedroom door and laundry closet on the right.  Also pictured: Crazy Evette.
Our beautiful like-new bathroom
The Bedroom
We got an especially good deal (which would make you laugh hysterically and a bit maniacally, as being a "good deal" if you are not from NYC) because we are willing to live with a view of the "Now Leasing" banner from our bedroom and living room windows.  Priorities, people, priorities.
Truly amazing, giant hall closet right inside the front door. My NYC savior.
Formerly from SF, Manhattanite friends Jessica and Kris kindly offered a reprieve from apartment craziness for an evening during our visit at  the wonderful Upland Restaurant 

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