Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Family Portrait Kind of Holiday!

November 22 & 26, 2015
Beverly Hills, MI & Clarkston, MI

Scott's family selfie while waiting for Debbie to prepare her shot
This year, we decided to travel to Michigan for our Thanksgiving celebration upon realizing that we had not  celebrated this particular holiday in our home state with our families since we before we were married 17 years ago.  And while we have visited many times since, apparently everyone was feeling nostalgic and decided this year was to be the unofficial "Year of the Family Portrait" on both sides of our family.  There were no professional photographers engaged (unless you count Scott's Aunt Debbie, who also appeared in many of the shots) and therefore was copious tripod and timer use, combined with fidgety young children, but I think we managed to get a keeper or two!

I wanted to gather and present these portraits all in one place, so here they are. :-)

The day we arrived in Michigan from New York was a Sunday and Scott's mom had planned a family dinner to celebrate Scott's birthday, which fell on the following Tuesday, November 24th.  After eating a delicious prime rib dinner lovingly prepared by Scott's mom, Denise, we assembled in the living room.

Debbie, who has a professional photography business, had decided to bring her camera and equipment along to snap some family portraits.  Following much furniture moving, lighting adjustments and other preparations, here are the wonderful results.

Scott's side of the family, including Denise's brother Larry and his wife Debbie and of course, Delilah, the dog!
The variations:
Scott's side of the family, with my parents added in
Jerry & Denise's children and their partners
Scott & Caroline, with Caroline's parents, Jane & Bill
The following Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we gathered with my side of the family for a holiday brunch at my sister Jen's home in Clarkston.  While discussing our upcoming visit on the phone, my mom had mentioned that she'd really like to get a shot of the entire family, as there were previously no photos in existence of the whole group since prior to Christopher's birth, just over nine years ago.

We came prepared, armed with Scott's dad's point-and-shoot camera and tripod, which Scott set up in the living room before we sat down to eat.  By the time we did a bunch of test shots with just my sister's family and then assembled everyone, the kids were about done, but we did manage to get a pretty good shot.

Finally, a family portrait!
The Twins

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